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Coaching Experience

I have coached middle schoolers, and did summer camp for volleyball for middle & highschoolers at the YMCA

Playing Experience

I started playing for fun when i was in middle school, then i got very serious when I got into highschool. I was on the team for all 4 years. I play co-ed in college and in my free time now at bar leagues and indoor.

Why I Coach

I love the sport, I think that it’s fun to watch other people play and succeed at something we both love. And I love being that person there to guide them on being the best player and person they can be.

Future Plans/Interests

I’m an accountant. I think this would be fun to get my foot in the coaching door, and a good use of my extra time this winter! I moved up to the St. Cloud area in May this year and I want to get more into the community.

Current Hobies

I love playing volleyball. I also have 2 aussies who keep me very active. My brother lives in Seattle so I go out hiking there sometimes to visit! I also spend a lot of time with friends and family.

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