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Coaching Experience

Coached at Tech High School for 6 seasons and club level volleyball for 3 seasons.

Playing Experience

Played through JV and experienced an injury that was difficult to recover from. I became manager of the high school volleyball team. After high school I continued my love for volleyball by playing in various intramural volleyball leagues.

Why I Coach

I love providing athletes a positive opportunity where they can further develop their athleticism and gain life long skills.

Future Plans/Interests

I recently took a newly developed business continuity planning and development position with a large health care system and I hope to become more of a subject matter expert on the topic over the course of this year. I plan to attend as many of my kids’ activities as possible to provide them the love and support they need to feel successful.

Current Hobies

Staying active; exercising, walking, biking, skiing, hiking. I also enjoy cooking, reading, watching movies and doing crossword puzzles.

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