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Coaching Experience

I coached 1 year with granite city, I want to say 5 years ago. I believe I did the age group of 12-13 year old girls. I was only part time coaching because I was going through nursing school. I enjoyed working with the girls and seeing them improve throughout the season. I never got back into coaching after that because I moved to Rochester, MN for my first job as an RN. This is my second year coaching with AVB.

Playing Experience

I started in 6th grade and played all the way through high school at ROCORI. I then continued to play womens and co-ed leagues throughout college. I have done many co-ed tournaments but it has been awhile since I have played. Once I moved to Rochester, I only played in a women's league there and never continued when I moved back home.

Why I Coach

I love the game of volleyball and love to teach young women the knowledge I have from experience. I am very passionate about volleyball (sometimes too passionate, haha) and truly wish I played more. When I did coach with granite city, I learned a lot from the players and how to be a true role model for them.

Future Plans/Interests

My husband and I are becoming first time parents in May, 2021. We are also working on a house remodel so we have been busy through this whole covid pandemic. My true passion is helping others and that is why my day job is working as a nurse at a surgery center.

Current Hobies

My current hobbies are hanging out with friends and family. I love being active and filling my day with things to do outside when it is nice outside. My husband and I love going biking and spending lots of time outside.

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