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Coaching Experience

Coached at a junior high level for J.O back in 2011-2012. Also coached 7th grade volleyball since 2022! I like to help out/volunteer coaching when needed.

Playing Experience

Played volleyball all throughout high school, in college I was in intramural volleyball, played for 4 years. Now I play women’s and co-ed volleyball at Whitney.

Why I Coach

Having an opportunity to coach has always been a big deal for me. Seeing one’s growth and potential through the sport is so rewarding. Helping kids gain knowledge and passion within the sport is truly such an awesome thing. I have a very positive attitude while I coach and I think having that is so important. A sense of shared direction and commitment, when everyone is on the same page and pulling in the same direction, you achieve something great. It’s the best feeling in the world.

Future Plans/Interests

Would love to coach at a high school level

Current Hobies

During the winter months I play mostly volleyball as well as being in a book club! My dog, Cooper, would like to pitch in and say walks outside are a fav hobby. Summers are crazy, I play slow pitch softball, & play volleyball twice a week, sand and indoor!

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