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Coaching Experience

Throughout high school and now college, I have done a lot of kids camps, working with anywhere from 3rd graders to 8th graders. I coached an AAU sixth grade team.

Playing Experience

I have been around the game of volleyball my whole life considering my parents met through volleyball and my mom was also the coach at my high school when I was very young. I started actually competing in third grade and now I am playing college volleyball at St Cloud State University.

Why I Coach

I coach because I have such a deep passion for the game. It has been around me my whole life, and I could not imagine my life without it. I want to be able to share the same love of the game I have with the girls I coach.

Future Plans/Interests

I am studying data analytics and actuarial sciences in hopes of being an actuary. I would also love the opportunity to coach either a high school or college team, whether that is in basketball, or volleyball.

Current Hobies

My current hobbies and interests are obviously playing volleyball, but I also love watching the show criminal minds. I also love outdoor things such as hiking, fishing, or simply just walking on the trails near campus.

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