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Coaching Experience

School District of Webster C-Squad Coach, JV Assistant, Varsity Assistant and mulitple Clubs at various ages

Playing Experience

7th grade until my senior year in 2016

Why I Coach

I could give you a hundred reasons why I coach but I'll give you my main three. First, is the relationship and bond that gets built between athlete and coach. You learn to trust, communicate and support each other through more than what happens during a short few months of club season. Second, I do it because it makes me feel complete and fills me with never ending joy and happiness. I feel like a piece of me is lost when I'm not in a gym full of athletes that is working to build towards the best version of themselves. Lastly, is the sense of accomplishment both the coach and an athlete feel. It's the rush of endorphins when the athlete connects all the pieces of a new skill, the wins and the lessons from the losses. It's the pride and peace of knowing you are playing a role in a young women's life as they try to achieve goals and aspirations.

Future Plans/Interests

Personally, I have a goal to re-enroll into a Payroll Specialist program and earn a degree. My interest is to become a long term coach with a club program in the area - I recently moved from Wisconsin.

Current Hobies

Hobbies include reading, outdoor activities (snowshoeing, sledding, rollerblading, boating, fishing), volleyball, track and field and trying to become a decent golf athlete.

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