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Coaching Experience

This will be my second season coaching with AVB. I also assisted for Brainerd JO 1 year and co-coached the freshman team at Apollo for 1 year.

Playing Experience

JO’s from 12’s to 18’s. Playing in school season from 5th grade to sophomore year of college. Played 2 years at CLC in Brainerd. Multiple summer and winter league seasons. Playing on club team at SCSU.

Why I Coach

My love for the sport makes me want to share my knowledge and prior experiences with young ladies. I really enjoyed my time playing on volleyball teams and I want to be able to help provide those same learning opportunities that I made. In addition, I find coaching, and watching young athletes grow and learn and become more skillful, very rewarding. It’s always fun to be apart of a team.

Future Plans/Interests

Go to school for Radiology Technology and continue to have volleyball in my life.

Current Hobies

I enjoy working out and spending time with friends and family when I’m not working or doing homework.

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