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Coaching Experience

Last winter/spring I co-coached an 18’s team with the Central Lakes JO program. This school season I am co-coaching the freshman team at Apollo High School.

Playing Experience

I have been playing volleyball since 5th grade. I played Granite City starting at the 12’s level and played through the 18’s level (not all with GC). I played on varsity 4 years at Apollo HS. After high school I went to play at Central Lakes College in Brainerd.

Why I Coach

I started coaching to become a better player and learn more about the game from the coaches perspective. Now, knowing that my playing days are probably done, I took the job at Apollo this fall because I want to become a better coach, and help girls learn how to be a confident athlete and a better volleyball player. I enjoy the mental aspect of the game as much as the physical aspect and I think coaching has a lot to do with that. I had some great coaches in my life and I strive to be that coach for someone else.

Future Plans/Interests

I am planning on going to SCSU to pursue the radiology technician program either in the spring semester or the fall semester of 2021. I hope to continue to have volleyball in my life even though the state of the pandemic is so uncertain.

Current Hobies

Between working, school, and coaching volleyball (which is an interest of mine) my free time is spent relaxing with my family or catching up with friends.

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