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Coaching Experience

I have been coaching personal lessons with AVB with athletes ages 8-18 and coach clinics during the summer. I have been coaching with AVB for 4 years at various age levels. In addition, I coached a few seasons of club softball when I lived in Arizona.

Playing Experience

I played volleyball from the age of 7 to about the age of 16 all year around. I started out playing city league and ended playing for a very competitive club team that traveled the West Coast. I have played a few sand seasons since but I am no longer playing competitively.

Why I Coach

I coach because volleyball was my life for so many years. I made the best relationships and had the best experiences with the people I played with. I want to be a part of the journey that is your volleyball career.

Future Plans/Interests

I am working towards becoming a psychiatric nurse.

Current Hobies

Future plans for myself will be to become a psychiatric nurse. I plan on living in Minnesota even after school.

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