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Coaching Experience

I have nine years of volleyball coaching experience. My first two years I coached varsity and JV volleyball in northwest Iowa. I then coached in the Kansas City metro area for two years before returning to Minnesota where I spent five years coaching 8th and 9th grade volleyball at Sartell as well as working with their JO program.

Playing Experience

I played school and JO volleyball in junior high and high school.

Why I Coach

I coach because I love helping players grow as athletes and as people. Volleyball gives girls the chance to participate in something they are passionate about while also developing their skills as leaders, communicators, and teammates. Building relationships with athletes and seeing them progress throughout the years has been the most rewarding part of coaching.

Future Plans/Interests

I am currently working as a School Counselor at Annandale High School while also finishing my master’s through Kansas State University.

Current Hobies

I love spending time with my dog, family, and friends, attending sporting events, and binge watching Netflix when time allows!

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