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Liability Waiver:

I understand that Acceleration Volleyball is following best practices set forth by the CDC, WHO, and federal and state authorities for cleaning, hygiene, sanitizing, social distancing, using personal protective equipment, implementing infection control methods, as well as client and employee screening guidelines and recommendations. However, with the highly virulent nature of COVID-19, there are still contagion risks associated with in-person training. I knowingly accept these risks and agree to proceed with services at Acceleration Volleyball. Our child has no physical conditions that would limit his/her participation in Acceleration Volleyball training activities. We hereby give permission for our child to participate in activities with Acceleration Volleyball, and to work on all necessary equipment. We assume all risks and hazards incidental to the conduct of this activity and transportation to and from this activity. In case of emergency, Acceleration Volleyball staff has our permission to use their judgment with regards to treatment until we are contacted. Moreover, we hereby authorize any qualified contacted physician to proceed with treatment. In case of emergency, we understand that our child will be transported to the nearest hospital by the local emergency resource if rescue squads deem it’s necessary. It is understood that in some medical situations, the staff will need to contact the emergency resources before contacting the parent or other adult acting on the player’s behalf. Further, I hereby release and agree to hold harmless and to indemnify Acceleration Volleyball employees, owners, or volunteers from any claims, losses, or expenses incurred or on behalf of me, my child, or my child’s family. Always notify the staff if your child is taking any medications. I agree with the above terms


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